Making Heavy Lifting a Thing of the Past

(100+ Reviews)

Get the job done with this 4-in-1 folding trolley cart, hand truck, furniture dolly, and folding step ladder. Intelligent engineering lets you transform this utility cart in seconds to move storage boxes, furniture, and appliances and access hard-to-reach spots.



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Meet the Most Versatile New Tool in Your Garage


Combines a stable surface with a handle so you can haul bricks, soil, and other heavy items.


This flat, stable surface is perfect for moving the biggest couches, dressers, and more.

Hand Truck

Nimble and maneuverable, it’s ideal for tight corners and even going up or down stairs.

Step Ladder

Conveniently transforms into a safe ladder so you can reach new heights with ease.

Easily Haul Furniture, Appliances, Boxes, and More!

Kerry Kart makes moving a breeze! Whether you’re moving to a new home, working in a warehouse, setting up for a concert, or just hauling something big and heavy, Kerry Kart’s 4-in-1 design makes moving a breeze. Get yours today!

What Makes Kerry Kart the World’s Premier Utility Cart?

Is your garage overflowing with space-hogging tools that don’t get the job done? Upgrade those outdated items with Kerry Kart, the 4-in-1 Rolling Utility Cart that provides best-in-class performance in 4 separate ways!

Large ANSI-Certified Steps

You’ll feel more comfortable and confident using these safe, oversized steps.

Industrial-Quality Wheels

Features 4 full-bearing, industrial-style skate wheels built to last over any terrain.

Built-in Stabilization Bar

The stabilization bar adds extra stability for improved safety and peace of mind.

Made from Welded Steel

Kerry Kart’s industrial-style welded steel construction can handle the heaviest loads.

Features 5 Utility Patents

The Kerry Kart is a one-of-a-kind utility cart you can’t get anywhere else.

Hauls 400 Pounds

In its dolly and trolly form, the Kerry Kart can haul a whopping 400 pounds.

Make Any Project Effortless with Ease and Flexibility of the Kerry Kart!

Transforms in Seconds with No Tools

Changing your Kerry Kart’s form is simple and takes only seconds, with no tools required! This makes it the most versatile moving solution for any situation. And when you’re done, fold it up flat for ultra-compact storage.

Making Heavy Lifting a Thing of the Past

4-in-1 Rolling Utility Cart

(100+ Reviews)

Kerry Kart is the space-saving, heavy lifting tool that replaces 4 space-hogging items with one best-in-class utility cart that changes form to accommodate any situation. Order now and save over 40%!





Limited Time Offer

Ships from USA in 24 hours! 😊

Fast & Free Shipping In The US

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in the Kerry Kart’s rock-solid, industrial-strength build and innovative design that we’ll give you a full 30 days to try it out! If it’s not the easiest and sturdiest trolly, dolly, step ladder, and hand cart you’ve ever owned, just return it for a full refund.

Verified Buyer Reviews

Great quality cart

“I DJ for weddings and use this to push all of my stuff in! I love the quality of the Kerry Kart! I had a total trolley and it has fallen apart over the last 5 years and replaced it with this!”


Best purchase this year

“I moved to a new apartment and I used this thing during the move! I use the ladder a lot and the cart functionality.”


Happy Customer

“Can’t buy many things these days that do more than one thing. Our Kerry Kart does four tasks beautifully.”

Morris C.

Everyone needs this

“What I’ve really liked about the Kerry Kart is that it’s easy to use. The fact that it has so many functions is such a bonus. Now instead of Buying a dolly, a ladder and a hand cart, I can use this for everything. It’s so nice to have something here at home that has so many functions. What a great gift idea for someone who likes to work around the house and move things with ease. Love it.”

Melinda M.


“My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new apartment and the Kerry Kart was amazingly helpful! We’re both on the scrawny side and we were really worried about moving our full-size washer & dryer, as well as a HEAVY old dresser, small fridge, and our couch. The Kerry Kart made it easy, even with just the two of us! It was nice not to have to bother our friends to help us pack up, or worry whether or not we’d be able to move everything into the new place on our own. It folds up too, which makes it fit in our little hallway closet nicely.”


Solid 5 star product in my book!

“Very solid cart. I use it for video production to haul gear inside on HSN jobs and others”

Christopher John